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Wedding Invitation Videos

Hello everyone,

Rach and I are happily married now, and I wanted to share with you a special part of the wedding planning process that helped to bring us to where we are now.

The moment we began thinking of how we were going to accomplish a wedding on a tight budget it became obvious that we’d have to use a lot of our personal resources, friends, and creativity.  When we got to the subject of wedding invitations, we decided on going with an email invitation. The thought in and of itself seemed really bland until we started discussing the potential of incorporating a VIDEO into the invitation.

This is when the creative juices started flowing.

Rather than talk about it, I’d rather just show you. So here is what we came up with; a video that utilized our resources, friends, and creativity. I feel rather inclined to stress that IT WAS SO MUCH STINKING FUN TO MAKE.


What a blast. The best part about it was the people for sure. Really wish I could have been filming when a friend whom shall remain nameless (a.k.a. Monica) bailed and fell into the ditch.

Because of how much fun this was and all the wonderful responses and feedback from our family and friends, I would really like to begin offering wedding invite videos as a service of krausmedia.  Shoot an email to krausmedia@gmail.com if you are interested in partnering with me to make a video for your wedding invitation!

Thanks for reading ladies and gents,







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